Poolside Paradise

As Jane looked at herself in the mirror, she had to admit she was not the same 20 year-old that had gotten into the professional call girl business nearly two decades ago. She still looked good, but there was a sadness in her eyes, a yearning for the love that she had never found. She joked to her good friends sometimes that for her, sex was like brushing her teeth, something she did every day, not because she enjoyed it but because she had to.

Her thoughts were pulled away by the ringing of the doorbell. As she opened the door, expecting Ryan, her pool guy, she was surprised to see a much younger man. He introduced himself as Paul, taking over for his dad. As she led him out to the pool, she added a little extra sway to her hips. She thought how wonderful it would feel to have a handsome, sexy, younger man want her, need her, touch her. She laid down on the chaise lounge as he began skimming the pool. She noticed that Paul kept looking over at her and she wondered if he was thinking of her chosen profession, which no doubt his father had told him about. Feeling risqué, she removed her bikini top, revealing her breasts and their lack of tan lines. Paul was trying not to stare now and she couldn’t help but smile and say, “What?”

His face broke out in a mischievous grin and he said, “What about the bottoms? Don’t want any lines”.

Jane instantly felt an unfamiliar warmth spread over her as her nipples hardened and she grew wet. Paul did not miss this and began moving toward her with a suddenly intense expression. Never taking his eyes from her gaze, he stopped at the foot of the lounge. He suddenly removed his swim trunks and revealed his thick, hard penis. She could see the veins pulsing with life and wanted to take him into her mouth. Before she could move, he had crouched down and started kissing her ankle. As he slowly moved up her calf he whispered how beautiful she was. As he paused at her knee, taking time to kiss the back of it, she began squirming in need and instinctively spread her thighs wider. His only response was to resume his slow progress upward. As his mouth moved up her thigh, his hands reached around to her outer legs and slowly spread her thighs further apart, opening her to him completely.

At last his mouth found their destination and he pulled aside her bikini bottom so his fingers could thrust into her while his tongue worked her clitoris. With his other hand he began squeezing her breast, gently at first and then more firmly. She was panting with need and grabbed his head, attempting to pull him up. She wanted him inside of her, now, all of him. Finally, he broke away and grabbed her arms. Holding them above her head, he slowly settled his weight between her legs. But he paused and slowly began rubbing against her until she could stand no more and he finally thrust his bulging cock into her. She was ready for him and he slid fully into her and began moving against her. With one hand he continued to hold her arms above her head as his other hand firmly pushed her legs further apart, allowing his dick to slide even more fully into her.

She began moaning frantically, her hips cleaving off the lounge chair to meet each of his powerful thrusts. He pressed against her most sensitive part as she took in every inch of him. As she came closer and closer to climax he finally released her arms and she immediately reached around and grabbed his ass. Just as she screamed her release he let out his own guttural cry and both shuddered in each other’s arms. Afterwards, Jane smiled, basking in a post-sex glow for the first time in nearly 20 years.

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