I am addicted to being an escort

I have worked for Blackheath escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/blackheath-escorts for about ten years now. The thing is that I should have left a long time ago, but I am really addicted to being an elite escort. The gents that I date at the agency are really nice and they do look after me. One of the gents that I hook up with, I have been dating for eight years now. You can say that we have more or less become really close personal friends, and like each other a lot.

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If I gave up my Blackheath escorts career, I think that I would have a really hard time to give up some of my gents. They are like family and when I don’t see them for a while, I really worry about them. It may not be that healthy to feel that way about your job, but I truly do. One of the girls that I work with at the agency says that I am involved on a personal basis and I should try to step away. I am not sure about that at all as I do like to look after my gents, but I guess that I should really try to change.

When I stand back and look at my life, I realise that I don’t have that much outside of Blackheath escorts. Yes, I go home to my flat which I bought with my earnings from the escort agency, but that is about it. I like going to the gym and out with my colleagues from the agency. If you like, I am just too hooked up in escorting to stop now and I really should do something about it.

I have checked out other jobs that I could do, but it is actually rather hard to leave an escort agency. Most of the girls who have left Blackheath escorts have not really found any good jobs. I feel very much that is what is in store for me. At the moment, I am thinking about buying a house somewhere a little bit outside of London and put my money into that. I could rent it and live of that money for as long as I could. Maybe I could find a part time job.

It is strange when you see so many girls come and go at Blackheath escorts. They stay for a couple of months and then they move on. I am not sure that I would ever be able to handle to live my life like that. There is something special about working for an escort agency. Yes, the money is great, but it is also the way the gents make you feel. I date a couple of gents who really look after me and I love that. They spoil me with holiday and some amazing gifts. Where else would you get that? Nowhere as far as I am concerned. That is what I am really addicted to, and there is nothing like a gent who makes you feel that you are his little princess.

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