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So THAT’S Why Hotel Sex Is So Much Better Than At Home

It’s often said that sex is better on vacation. And no, it isn’t just because of those fluffy hotel beds. “You are less stressed, no meals to prepare, no laundry to fold… Nothing better to do but relax and have sex!” reader Denise R. told The …

Sex Makes Life Better, Study Says

Ever wondered if having sex is a good thing, an act that could actually make you a more productive person and help you perform better at work? Wonder no more, dear reader. A new psychology study claims that fucking at home makes people do better at the office.

Couples are freezing their private parts for better sex

Can freezing your privates heat up your sex life? Cryotherapy UK, in Manchester, England is offering a service called “Love Mist,” which involves freezing men and women’s private parts to boost their endorphins and sex drive, the Sun reported.

Couples who do this ONE thing together have better sex lives

For the singles, it’s a time to notice all the ridiculous mushy business happening at every turn and for the couples, it’s an anxiety-inducing time trying to decide what to get the other person. And for the new couples? It’s a question of whether or …

Paltrow slammed over tip for better sex

It wasn’t that long ago when Gwyneth Paltrow raved about the benefits of vaginal steaming, a non-scientifically proven process of sitting over a hot pot of water filled with herbs for up to 45 minutes to “cleanse your uterus” and “balance female hormone …

Turns out, sex can get even better as you age

A study that researched the sex lives of over 6,000 Americans has concluded that, while the young may be having more sex, the older you get, the better your sex is. Follow Tech Insider: On Facebook